In today’s digital age, self-built skills are becoming more necessary. Here are 5 you need to learn to be market-ready in the content marketing industry.

Today’s digital age is creating a new world, where fresh, creative, human talent and newfangled digital skills are in demand.

For example, Google fills over 6,000 roles in one year alone. (They receive over 1 million applications – and hire less than 1%.)

But traditional education may be failing to properly prepare our next generation for what’s really necessary to succeed.

One recent study at Kaplan University, led by QuestResearch Group and published in Forbes, found that

“there are very few believers in the work readiness of college graduates. Only 13% of U.S. adults, 11% of C-level executives and 6% of college and university trustees strongly agree with statements about the work readiness of graduates.”

That’s why self-built skills are becoming more and more necessary.

The good news?

If you’re new to our amazing industry of content marketing – which is set to be worth over $400 billion this year – or even marketing in general, a college degree isn’t always a prerequisite to succeed.

In fact, Google doesn’t even require a degree — and they’ve been open about this online, suggesting career certificates instead. Apple, Tesla, IBM, and even Whole Foods, Costco, Hilton, Bank of America, are following suit and also don’t require a degree.

So, you can get a great job without the college degree or debt.

But how?

The answer lies in building real, market-ready skills.

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